A Beka Academy DVD vs. Horizons

Investigating the differences between A Beka Academy DVDs and Horizons curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications? We have what you're looking for! Find short overviews of each curriculum below, an easy-to-view comparison chart, and additional comparison options!

A Beka Academy DVDs

Available for homeschoolers in grades K5-12, the A Beka Academy DVD Program features recorded lessons presented in the classroom by Pensacola Christian Academy teachers. The A Beka curriculum is Bible-based and presents instruction from a Christian worldview. A Beka Academy offers coursework in Bible, reading, history, mathematics, science, health, and English. Electives are also offered. A Beka Academy DVD Program combines recorded classroom lectures with A Beka Book textbooks and teacher materials. When enrolled in this program, students watch recorded lesson presentations and complete student work in A Beka curriculum textbooks and workbooks.

Students can select A Beka Academy enrollment in either an accredited (FACCS, SACS) or a non-accredited DVD program. Families enrolled in the accredited program are provided with all DVDs, books, tests, and keys for selected courses, teacher's manual with daily lesson plans, a pre-set academic calendar, a plan of study, evaluation of student work, report cards, high school diploma, transcripts, prepaid return labels for DVDs and graded student work, and access to academic assistance. Parents provide supervision as well as grading of completed work. Families enrolled in the non-accredited program are provided with all DVDs, books, tests, and keys, teacher's manual with lesson plans, progress reports for parental record-keeping, prepaid return labels for DVD's, and access to academic assistance. Parents are responsible for all supervision, grading, and record-keeping. A Beka Academy requires all DVDs and student coursework to be returned within 12 months of start date, or late fees will be charged.

Finding Your Approach to Homeschooling

Wondering whether you should use a print-based or video-based approach to homeschooling? Keep in mind there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum. A blended approach to homeschooling allows parents the flexibility of using multiple resources instead of one set curriculum. Instead of feeling torn between curriculum formats, parents should be open to mixing and matching materials and resources to customize their child's education. Remember, each child has his own learning style, so it's important to choose materials that best fit his needs.

Horizons from Alpha Omega Publications

Horizons is a preK-12 print-based curriculum offered by Alpha Omega Publications, a Christian-based publisher that provides curriculum and educational services to homeschool families. Filled with engaging, full-color illustrations, Horizons is a child-friendly workbook-based curriculum with consumable lessons and hands-on activities. Horizons curriculum encourages concept mastery through a spiral-based learning process of skill/concept presentation, review, and reinforcement. Teacher's guides offer clear, step-by-step lesson plans and activities that are suitable for both homeschool and classroom settings.

Winner of Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum, Horizons integrates Scripture and Christian living throughout all subjects. Horizons workbooks provide removable student pages for ease of student use. Horizons curriculum includes courses in math (K-8), penmanship (1-6), health (K-8), physical education (PreK-12), phonics and reading (K-3), and spelling and vocabulary (1-3). Health and physical education electives were designed for classroom use and may need to be adapted to homeschool use. Complete Horizons Preschool Curriculum Sets and Multimedia Sets are also available. Horizons curriculum sets include all student and teacher materials. Student and teacher materials can also be purchased separately.

Benefits and Features of Horizons from Alpha Omega Publications



  • brightly illustrated, hands-on, consumable curriculum
  • offers fun lessons and manipulative-based activities
  • teaches concepts through a spiral learning process
  • encourages concept mastery through quick concept introduction, review, and reinforcement

Take a Closer Look at A Beka Academy DVDs and Horizons

OfferingsHorizonsA Beka Academy DVD
K-12 curriculum options Checkmark Checkmark
Bible-based Checkmark Checkmark
Accredited program available   Checkmark
Core subjects and electives available Checkmark Checkmark
Instruction provided by parent Checkmark  
Interactive, one-on-one learning format Checkmark  
Instruction provided by pre-recorded video sessions   Checkmark
Readiness tests available Checkmark  
Flexible scheduling and pacing Checkmark  
Manageable amount of daily lesson material Checkmark  
Easy-to-use teacher's guides Checkmark  
Material designed for homeschoolers Checkmark  
Requires materials to be returned and charges fees if late   Checkmark
Ability to pick and choose student and teacher materials Checkmark  
CostHorizonsA Beka Academy DVD
Average subject cost per grade level** $81.95 $395

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

"My husband and I thought we were all set to start teaching our preschool son in August, but then I found the Horizons Preschool program. I thought it looked interesting, so I ordered the first teacher's guide just to see what all was there. I was so blown away by what I was reading in the teacher's guide that I had to switch. Now, I am ordering a whole new curriculum and starting from scratch. This program is exactly what my son needs to get him ready for kindergarten. We are sticking with Horizons Preschool for sure! Thank you!"

Heather S., Michigan

"Horizons is the only curriculum that I don't feel I need to question each year. I started using something else for my son in kindergarten and then switched to Horizons in 1st grade. Since then, I have used it consistently and know it is thorough. It's simple for me to teach, and I have been very happy with it. I started my five-year-old daughter on it this year, and she loves it!"

Joy J., South Carolina

"Horizons is my favorite homeschool resource. It is well written for the teacher and the student. My daughter is doing so well, and she enjoys the colorful, diverse presentation that keeps her favorite subject (math) interesting."

Trish M., United States

"We switched to Horizons for a more structured phonics base and my daughter's reading skills have improved substantially. I just wish we had started sooner!"

Monique W., California

"We really enjoyed Horizons Phonics and Reading for second grade last school year. We were so excited to use this after using Horizons for kindergarten and first grade. I was very impressed with the lessons and stories. I also have used Horizons Math for both of my children. One is gifted and one has special needs. The spiraled curriculum with constant review and reinforcement has worked better than any other curriculum we have tried."

Charlene M., Pennsylvania