A Beka Academy DVD vs. LIFEPAC

Trying to learn about the differences between A Beka Academy's DVD Program and LIFEPAC curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications? You're in the right place! Find short overviews of each curriculum below, an easy-to-view comparison chart, and additional comparison options!

A Beka Academy DVDs

Available for homeschoolers in grades K5-12, the A Beka Academy DVD Program features recorded lessons presented in the classroom by Pensacola Christian Academy teachers. The A Beka curriculum is Bible-based and presents instruction from a Christian worldview. A Beka Academy offers coursework in Bible, reading, history, mathematics, science, health, and English. Electives are also offered. A Beka Academy DVD Program combines recorded classroom lectures with A Beka Book textbooks and teacher materials. When enrolled in this program, students watch recorded lesson presentations and complete student work in A Beka curriculum textbooks and workbooks.

Students can select A Beka Academy enrollment in either an accredited (FACCS, SACS) or a non-accredited DVD program. Families enrolled in the accredited program are provided with all DVDs, books, tests, and keys for selected courses, teacher's manual with daily lesson plans, a pre-set academic calendar, a plan of study, evaluation of student work, report cards, high school diploma, transcripts, prepaid return labels for DVDs and graded student work, and access to academic assistance. Parents provide supervision as well as grading of completed work. Families enrolled in the non-accredited program are provided with all DVDs, books, tests, and keys, teacher's manual with lesson plans, progress reports for parental record-keeping, prepaid return labels for DVD's, and access to academic assistance. Parents are responsible for all supervision, grading, and record-keeping. A Beka Academy requires all DVDs and student coursework to be returned within 12 months of start date, or late fees will be charged.

Finding Your Approach to Homeschooling

Wondering whether you should use a print-based or video-based approach to homeschooling? Keep in mind that there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum. A blended approach to homeschooling allows parents the flexibility of using multiple resources instead of one set curriculum. Instead of feeling torn between curriculum formats, parents should be open to mixing and matching materials and resources to customize their child's education. Remember, each child has his own learning style, so it's important to choose materials that best fit his needs.

LIFEPAC from Alpha Omega Publications

LIFEPAC is a K-12 print-based curriculum offered by Alpha Omega Publications, a Christian-based publisher that provides curriculum and educational services to Christian schools and homeschool families. Full-color and consumable, LIFEPAC is an integrated, Bible-based curriculum developed by a team of accomplished educators and teachers. Using a mastery-based learning approach, each LIFEPAC course is comprised of ten student-directed worktexts that provide a full year of instruction. Individual worktexts may also be used to supplement the homeschool curriculum or to fill in learning gaps. LIFEPAC worktexts include self tests and unit tests to provide assessment of student progress. Teacher's guides offer practical teaching tips, additional learning activities, and complete answer keys.

An economical, proven homeschool curriculum, LIFEPAC integrates Scripture and a Christian worldview throughout all subjects. LIFEPAC offers the flexibility of an individualized, student-driven learning approach which encourages critical thinking and academic independence. Self-paced coursework for K-12 students includes Bible (1-12), language arts (K-12), math (K-12), science (K-12), and history and geography (1-12). Electives are also available for elementary, middle, and high school students. LIFEPAC subject kits include all required student and teacher materials. LIFEPAC curriculum can be purchased as complete grade level sets or as individual subjects. Student and teacher materials and supplemental materials may be purchased separately.

Benefits and Features of LIFEPAC from Alpha Omega Publications



  • full-color, print-based curriculum
  • offers progressive, self-paced individual unit worktexts
  • promotes concept mastery and cognitive reasoning skills
  • encourages academic independence in your children

Take a Closer Look at A Beka Academy DVDs and LIFEPAC

OfferingsLIFEPACA Beka Academy DVD (with A Beka Books)
K-12 curriculum options Checkmark Checkmark
Bible-based Checkmark Checkmark
Accredited program   Checkmark(available)
Core subjects and electives available Checkmark Checkmark
Student-directed curriculum Checkmark  
Instruction provided through text-based lessons Checkmark  
Instruction provided through recorded lesson sessions   Checkmark
Promotes concept mastery and cognitive reasoning Checkmark Checkmark
Self-paced and individualized Checkmark  
Manageable amount of daily lesson material Checkmark  
Separate unit worktexts available Checkmark  
Requires material to be returned and charges fees if late   Checkmark
Economical Checkmark  
CostLIFEPACA Beka Academy DVD
Average yearly cost per grade level** $299.95 $895
Average subject cost per grade level** $61.95 $395

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

"I have used your LIFEPAC curriculum with my son for the last four years of his homeschool education and must say that I'm impressed by your detailed, thorough, and concise curriculum that emphasizes ideas and concepts to the point where they are embedded in the memory of the student permanently."

Kristin W., United States

"I absolutely love Alpha Omega Publications! My daughter and I enjoy learning together through the wonderful LIFEPACs. We really love the Bible LIFEPACs. They take us deeper through each Bible story and teach us how to apply it to our lives. The lessons break down the information, so we can easily understand the literature. This helps me as the teacher because science was never my strong suit. I could go on and on raving about AOP, but you will just have to see for yourself. Keep it up, AOP! We are counting on you!"

Chrystal F., Flordia

"One day while in the third grade, my daughter came home crying after taking a state examination, stating that she didn't know the answers to several of the questions. I soon found out that my daughter was horribly behind in all the areas of math, English, history, and science. LIFEPAC is truly a blessing, and Alpha Omega Publications is the saving grace. My daughter and I love the LIFEPAC worktexts. They are great."

Yolanda N., New York

"I searched for a Bible curriculum and found what I needed in LIFEPACs. My daughter just finished 2nd grade. A few months ago she came to Jesus, and I believe that AOP LIFEPACs played a role. Just a few weeks before, the lessons discussed salvation, and we stopped and discussed how to be saved. A couple of months later, after church one evening, my daughter came to me and said, 'Mommy, I want to ask Jesus in my heart right now.' I was totally caught off guard. She prayed, and it was a prayer of thanks. Rather than asking Jesus in, she thanked Him for coming in, and rather than asking Him to forgive her, she thanked Him for forgiving her. This was totally between GOD and HER. I am so thankful that I was able to witness this special moment for my daughter. Thank You."

Melissa M., Florida

"My daughter is proof that LIFEPACs work. She is a senior in college. She was a National Merit Scholar finalist as a senior and has attended our public college on scholarship. She has been published twice, and all her professors comment on what a marvelous educational foundation she received at home. LIFEPACs allow you to let your children excel in the areas in which they are especially gifted, while still acquiring a firm foundation in all subjects. Homeschooling works and LIFEPACs make it easy."

Elizabeth S., Mississippi