A Beka vs. Alpha Omega Publications

Thinking about homeschooling with A Beka? Wondering what the differences are between A Beka and Alpha Omega Publications? You're in the right place. Many parents just like you are also searching for a homeschool curriculum and teaching approach that best fits their child's academic needs. With so many homeschooling options, resources, and curricula to choose from, selecting homeschool materials for your child can often be a daunting task, but we're here to help!

A Beka's Approach

A Beka Books is a publisher of Christian-based nursery-12th grade curriculum materials. A Beka offers several curricula and service options for homeschoolers such as a traditional parent-directed textbook option for K-12th graders, as well as a K-12 academy which provides both accredited and non-accredited programs for homeschoolers. Core subjects and electives are available. Parents can purchase single subjects in textbook, digital textbook, DVD, or streaming video format, complete student and teacher curriculum kits, and supplemental materials such as maps, flashcards, and readers.

Because A Beka materials are developed in a classroom setting, they draw on the experience of classroom teachers as the foundation for their curriculum offerings. However, this classroom approach can also result in making homeschool process more teacher-intensive and less friendly to the homeschool parent. In addition, A Beka's structured approach means the curriculum is not easily customized according to student academic needs or individualized according to specific learning styles.

Finding Your Approach to Homeschooling

Most parents discover that their child's educational needs are best met by blending several different homeschool curriculums and teaching approaches. Because there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum, a blended approach to homeschooling allows parents the flexibility of using multiple resources instead of one set curriculum. Rather than feeling torn between curricula, parents should be open to mixing and matching materials and resources to customize their child's education. Remember, each child has his own learning style, so it's important to choose materials that best fit his needs.

Curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications

Alpha Omega Publications is a Christian-based, PreK-12 publisher that provides engaging, interactive curriculum and educational services to homeschool families. Offering proven, easy-to-teach homeschool curriculum, AOP offers four main curriculum offerings: Internet-based Monarch (3-12), computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse (3-12), worktext-based LIFEPAC (K-12), and workbook-based Horizons (PreK-12). Main core subjects offered include Bible, language arts, math, science, and history and geography. AOP also offers Alpha Omega Academy, a distance learning academy for students in grades K-12. Understanding that each child learns differently, AOP offers diverse curriculum and services in different formats to fit multiple learning styles, ensuring you can find what fits your child's needs.


Benefits and Features of Alpha Omega Publications' Curriculum



  • online interactive lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems
  • offers customizable student learning options and time-saving teaching tools
  • features dynamic, media-rich lessons; real-time content updates; and data storage

Switched-On Schoolhouse

  • interactive, computer-based curriculum
  • offers a flexible, engaging learning environment
  • contains multimedia tools, educational games, and automatic grading options
  • can reduce teacher planning and grading by 20 hours per week


  • full-color, print-based curriculum
  • offers progressive, self-paced individual unit worktexts
  • promotes concept mastery and cognitive reasoning skills
  • encourages academic independence in your children


  • brightly illustrated, hands-on, consumable curriculum
  • offers fun lessons and manipulative-based activities
  • teaches concepts through a spiral learning process
  • encourages concept mastery through quick concept introduction, review, and reinforcement


Take a Closer Look at A Beka and Alpha Omega Publications

OfferingsAlpha Omega PublicationsA Beka
PreK-12 curriculum options Checkmark Checkmark
Bible-based Checkmark Checkmark
Core subjects and electives available Checkmark Checkmark
Flexible and individualized curriculum Checkmark  
Customizable curriculum Checkmark  
Teacher-intensive curriculum   Checkmark
Placement tests available Checkmark  
Interactive lesson material Checkmark  
Automatic curriculum updates available Checkmark  
Automatic grading and lesson planning available Checkmark  
Appeals to students with multiple learning styles Checkmark  
CostAlpha Omega PublicationsA Beka
Average yearly cost per grade level** $449.99 for Monarch $995 for video complete DVD option
Average subject cost per grade level** $99.95 for Monarch $395 per credit for video complete DVD option

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

"For the first time in the two years I have been homeschooling our three boys, I feel a complete peace and excitement for the school year to come. As many homeschoolers do, I have researched and tried many of the homeschooling products available. Indeed, the choices are endless. However, I have finally found a curriculum with AOP that fits our family's values, goals, learning styles, and lifestyle. Thank you for offering quality products at such an affordable price!"

Brenda S., New Mexico

"How wonderful you are for providing us with everything we need to give our children a wonderful Christian-based education. Since I discovered AOP, nothing I used before you compared. I am even able to homeschool my youngest son successfully, despite the fact that he has Asperger's syndrome. Thank you so much for the love and dedication you show to all of God's children."

Lynne B., Missouri

"This was our first year of homeschooling. Our son just finished the fifth grade, and I want to say thanks to Alpha Omega Publications for being part of this wonderful year and for providing the great curriculum that equipped us with the tools we needed. What an adventure! God has blessed us richly through your company. Thanks so much."

Michele T., Arizona

"I have been homeschooling for seven years and have used curriculum from AOP every year. I started with it when my two older children were in preschool and kindergarten. I am now homeschooling four children. It is so nice to know that AOP is there with so many great products to make my life easier as a homeschooler! Thanks, AOP!"

Angela O., Minnesota