Accelerated Christian Education PACEs vs. LIFEPAC

Do you need to compare the print-based curriculum offered by A.C.E. to the LIFEPAC program from Alpha Omega Publications? You're in the right spot. Find a short overview of each curriculum and service below, an easy-to-view comparison chart, and additional comparison options!

Accelerated Christian Education (School of Tomorrow) PACEs

Accelerated Christian Education, an in-house curriculum publisher, provides K-12th grade Christian curriculum and educational materials to Christian schools and homeschoolers. The A.C.E. PACEs option is a student-driven, workbook approach which provides an independent and individualized learning experience to students. Parents are responsible for all administrative tasks, including any required lesson planning, grading, record-keeping, and reporting. Accelerated Christian Education PACEs' answer keys provide the answers and solutions to all student activities included in each PACE booklet.

Written from a Christian worldview, all A.C.E. PACEs are completely Bible-based. All science instruction is based on a biblical view of creation and the origin of life. Accelerated Christian Education courses include Bible, reading, social studies, mathematics, science, health, English, literature, fine arts, and foreign language. Coursework can be purchased in complete grade level kits or as subject kits. Kits provide all essential materials for students and teachers. Additional optional resources can be purchased separately.

Finding Your Approach to Homeschooling

If you're considering a print-based approach to homeschooling, remember there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum. A blended approach to homeschooling allows parents the flexibility of using multiple resources instead of one set curriculum. Instead of feeling torn between different curriculums, parents should be open to mixing and matching materials and resources to customize their child's education. Remember, each child has his own learning style, so it's important to choose materials that best fit his needs.

LIFEPAC from Alpha Omega Publications

LIFEPAC is a K-12 print-based curriculum offered by Alpha Omega Publications, a Christian-based publisher that provides curriculum and educational services to Christian schools and homeschool families. Full-color and consumable, LIFEPAC is an integrated, Bible-based curriculum developed by a team of accomplished educators and teachers. Using a mastery-based learning approach, each LIFEPAC course is comprised of ten student-directed worktexts that provide a full year of instruction. Individual worktexts may also be used to supplement the homeschool curriculum or to fill in learning gaps. LIFEPAC worktexts include self tests and unit tests to provide assessment of student progress. Teacher's guides offer practical teaching tips, additional learning activities, and complete answer keys.

An economical, proven homeschool curriculum, LIFEPAC integrates Scripture and a Christian worldview throughout all subjects. LIFEPAC offers the flexibility of an individualized, student-driven learning approach which encourages critical thinking and academic independence. Self-paced coursework for K-12 students includes Bible (1-12), language arts (K-12), math (K-12), science (K-12), and history and geography (1-12). Electives are also available for elementary, middle, and high school students. LIFEPAC subject kits include all required student and teacher materials. LIFEPAC curriculum can be purchased as complete grade level sets or as individual subjects. Student and teacher materials and supplemental materials may be purchased separately.

Benefits and Features of LIFEPAC from Alpha Omega Publications



  • full-color, print-based curriculum
  • offers progressive, self-paced individual unit worktexts
  • promotes concept mastery and cognitive reasoning skills
  • encourages academic independence in your children

Take a Closer Look at Accelerated Christian Education PACES and LIFEPAC

K-12 curriculum options Checkmark Checkmark
Bible-based Checkmark Checkmark
Core subjects and electives available Checkmark Checkmark
Student-directed curriculum Checkmark Checkmark
Flexible and individualized Checkmark Checkmark
Separate unit worktexts available Checkmark Checkmark
Diagnostic tests available Checkmark Checkmark
Economical Checkmark  
Promotes critical thinking and cognitive reasoning Checkmark  
Material designed for homeschoolers Checkmark Checkmark
CostAlpha Omega PublicationsA.C.E.
Average yearly cost per grade level** $299.95 $434.40
Average subject cost per grade level** $61.95 $64.80