Bob Jones University Press Online vs. Monarch

Are you investigating the differences between the Bob Jones University Press Online Program and the online Monarch curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications? You've just found the information you need! Find short overviews of each curriculum below, an easy-to-view comparison chart, and additional comparison options!

Bob Jones University Press Distance Learning Online

The Bob Jones University Press Distance Learning Online option provides an entire year of Bible-based homeschool curriculum delivered online via streaming video. A password protected student homepage gives easy access to daily instruction taught specifically for distance learning students by experienced teachers. Used in conjunction with BJU Press textbooks, BJU Press Distance Learning Online is available to homeschool families for students in grades K4-12. All Bob Jones University Press curriculum is biblically integrated, and presents instruction from a Christian worldview. The BJU Press online option offers coursework in Bible, heritage studies, math, language (including English, phonics, reading, handwriting, and/or spelling), and science. All science courses are based on a biblical view of creation and the origins of life. When families have selected the Bob Jones University Press online distance learning option, students watch recorded lesson presentations delivered via streaming video and then complete daily assignments in provided textbooks. Automatically graded online assessments are available for 5th-12th grade students. Tests for K4-4th grade students are included in provided texts.

The BJU Press Distance Learning Online option is available in customizable full grade kits for grades K4-12 or as subject kits for grades 1-12. The purchase price includes full access for parents and students to online coursework, calendar, and assessments (5th-12th grade) and includes all essential textbooks and all teacher-prepared handouts. Kits do not include printed teacher's editions, but abridged teacher's editions are available online in PDF format for free. Parents are responsible for supervision of student work; grading of all daily work; and all record-keeping and reporting. Access is granted for a full term. A student beginning coursework in August of '13 has full access through December 2014.

Finding Your Approach to Homeschooling

As you consider your homeschool curriculum options, remember there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum. Keep in mind that there is no one perfect homeschool curriculum. A blended approach to homeschooling allows parents the flexibility of using multiple resources instead of one set curriculum. Instead of feeling torn between curriculum formats, parents should be open to mixing and matching materials and resources to customize their child's education. Remember, each child has his own learning style, so it's important to choose materials that best fit his needs.

Monarch from Alpha Omega Publications

Monarch from Alpha Omega Publications is an interactive, Internet-based curriculum for grades 3-12. Alpha Omega Publications, a trusted publisher of high quality educational products, provides Christian curriculum and educational services to homeschool families. Transforming the way students learn, Monarch is an in-depth, online curriculum that makes use of today's 21st century technology. This innovative, cutting-edge AOP curriculum presents Christ-centered lessons using eye-catching animations, learning games, video and audio clips, and more! Unlike traditional textbooks, Monarch has a diverse mix of text-based instruction and engaging multimedia enrichment. Time-saving teaching tools provide automatic grading, lesson planning, customizable lessons, a built-in calendar, printing options, message center, text-to-speech, and more!

Compatible with both Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems, Monarch integrates Scripture and a biblical worldview into all subjects. Monarch offers the flexibility to log on and learn anytime, anywhere with 18-month, single subscriptions using an individualized, student driven approach. Diagnostic tests are available for placement in math and language arts. Core coursework includes Bible (3-12), language arts (3-12), math (3-12), science (3-12), and history and geography (3-12). Over 45 electives are also available. Monarch may be purchased as individual subjects or as complete five-subject sets.

Benefits and Features of Monarch from Alpha Omega Publications



  • online interactive lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems
  • offers customizable student learning options and time-saving teaching tools
  • features dynamic, media-rich lessons; real-time content updates; and data storage

Take a Closer Look at Bob Jones University Press Online and Monarch

OfferingsMonarchBJU Press Online (with textbooks)
Bible-based Checkmark Checkmark
Core subjects and electives available Checkmark Checkmark
Internet-based curriculum Checkmark Some web-based features
Interactive, engaging multimedia tools Checkmark  
Instruction provided via recorded lesson sessions   Checkmark
Flexible and individualized Checkmark  
Automatic grading and lesson planning Checkmark  
Requires material to be returned   Checkmark
Message center Checkmark  
CostMonarchBob Jones University Press
Average yearly cost per grade level** $449.95 $999
Average subject cost per grade level** $99.95 $299

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What Other Parents Are Saying:

"It is exciting to know that wherever we are – at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world – we can homeschool by simply logging in online. Our son loves Monarch's cutting-edge, media-rich lessons that are infused with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links."

Tom P., Illinois

"Monarch is exciting because it's Christian-based, Mac compatible, portable, and offers the extra accountability my daughter needs. No more excuses like 'I forgot,' or 'I didn't know.'"

Kristin J., North Carolina

"Having the ability to homeschool when and where we want is vital for our busy family. We are constantly on the go, and with Monarch, we don't have to drag a load of books with us. AOP has some of the best curriculum available, and Monarch's benefits and features are really a blessing to our family."

Amanda C., Georgia

"Monarch is a wonderful way to allow my children to get some of the extra help they need through an online curriculum. I can't always give them extra one-on-one time because of their age differences. With Monarch, they are all getting individualized instruction, and I have more time to work with each of them in areas in which they struggle."

Meleasa B., Tennessee



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