10 Things We Can’t Homeschool Without

As you gear up for a new homeschool year, see how many of these 10 must-have homeschooling materials you use for teaching, learning and, sometimes, surviving.

1. Prayer: The perfect start to your homeschool day

2. Coffee, to keep up your energy (and sanity, for the most devoted caffeine consumers among us)

3. A planner, to keep you on track – and, in turn, your students

4. A white board, to teach lessons or outline your schedule and notes-to-self

5. Printer ink: Easily forgotten until you spot that scrolling “out-of-ink” message

6. Library card: Your ticket to fantastic stories and knowledge on any topic under the sun

7. A computer, to give your child a technological edge and round out his or her learning experience

8. The Bible, to instill your child with Christian values and morals from our ultimate teacher and heavenly father

9. Fresh dry erase markers, to write and remind you that every day of homeschooling is a new start

10. The kids: For what would you be without them and their curious minds to fuel the learning?

What would you add to make the list complete?