There when you need it, AOP's academic support makes your homeschooling easier! Whether you need help teaching a difficult subject or your child is stuck on a problem, our academic support ensures a successful outcome to all your homeschooling lessons. Plus, AOP's academic support offers these great benefits for you and your child:

Step-by-step lesson explanations and solutions to your questions.
Flexible options that include one, three, or eight-session packages
Convenient, 30-minute sessions available by appointment.
Stress-free support for Monarch, SOS, LIFEPAC, and Horizons subjects.
Dedicated academic advisors who offer friendly, one-on-one attention.

To save 10% on any support package now through 2/13/13, call 800-622-3070!

Academic Support Packages:
1 session (30 minutes): $30
3 sessions (90 minutes): $85
8 sessions (240 minutes): $216

"We have used the academic support feature and have had great success. My 8th grade daughter has had many tearful days learning math. We scheduled an appointment, and my daughter hung up the phone a happy child. She understood math!"
- Lori W., Florida