Adoption Answers Couple's Prayers

In honor of National Adoption Month in November, we bring you the story of a couple who were called to adopt under unique circumstances. At the request of the family, full names are not disclosed.

Mark and Hannah wanted nothing more than to have a child.

Both knew when they married in 2009 that they wanted to start a family. Less than two years into their marriage, however, the couple learned that if they wanted their dreams of parenting to come true, they’d have to adopt.

Last fall, they channeled all of their energy into the new plan and what they felt God had in mind for them all along. They chose a local Christian agency and began the paperwork and screening process.

On June 24, their prayers were answered, and the couple adopted a five-week-old boy.

“We were so excited,” said the new dad, who works for Alpha Omega Publications. “We’ve wanted this for so long. The dirty diapers, the crying, the things you hear horror stories about are things we couldn’t wait to do.”

Adoption had always been part of their plan, but they had hoped to have a biological child first.

“It was a hard switch to turn off,” he said, “but sometimes your Plan B is God’s Plan A.”

The couple had no restrictions as to the child’s gender or race. They believed God had a child picked out for them.

“If we limited race and gender, we were limiting God and putting Him in a box,” Mark explained.

The adoption is open, so the couple shares photos with their son’s biological mother, who is allowed limited visitation. They felt it was important for him to know his birth mother and the love she has for him, yet a few odds and ends still need to be finalized before the child is officially theirs.

Life has been chaotic as the new parents try to balance work, an infant, housework, and making time for each other. In the meantime, Dad is finding joy in seeing his son’s personality emerge. He describes his son as strong-willed, yet happy-go-lucky and content, with slight attachment issues that are common among adoptive children who have been in more than one home.

The new parents have a very different view of adoption than they once did. In hindsight, they feel God called them to adopt, and the painful, two-year wait led them to their son.

“We believe we were not waiting for a child, but we were waiting for our child,” Mark said. “We believe he is just as much ours now as if we would have had him biologically.”

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