Few homeschool families are as footloose as Our Mothership Adventures, who travel the country in their 1991 RV, letting the roads map new learning experiences for their five kids.

Sennie (Mom) and the Captain (Dad) road-school and homeschool a first-grader and 14-year-old quadruplets, blending life and learning on the go.

“It’s never dull with seven,” Sennie admitted. “Monarch allows us this crazy, nomadic lifestyle.”

Our Mothership AdventuresThe family began using Monarch three years ago after searching for a quality, comprehensive curriculum that was Mac-compatible, light for travel, easily customizable, and included automatic grading.

“Whether we are on the road in our RV, staying at our camp in Maine, or traveling all together, or the times our family is separated, we can continue to homeschool without interruptions,” Sennie said.

The quadruplets have their own laptops and work at individual paces wherever they happen to be – even Finland, which one of the boys visited last winter. Sennie also reaches a huge fan base on her blog, Our Mothership Adventures. There, she entwines stunning photos of nature and homeschooling in action with simple prose and a touch of her native Finnish. The site has earned several top blog awards.

Bookmark their blog to begin following the Mothership crew’s adventures.

Do you homeschool on the road? If so, how do you make it work?