Just when homeschooling parents think they've heard it all, another surge of anti-homeschooling comments appears in the news. Proving they don't understand the real reasons homeschoolers choose to teach their children at home, these recently published articles make uninformed, derogatory statements like the following:

"If this home-school trend continues, we'll end up with adults who have learned we are each out for ourselves. How can a homeschooled child have compassion for his community when he isn't part of it?"
- Amy Platon, "Home-schoolers, don't quit system" (Orlando Sentinel, May 26, 2009)

"God hates homeschooling. From my side, to take your faithful children out of schools is to miss an opportunity to spread the grace, power, and beauty of the Lord to the common people."
- Jesse Scaccia, "The case against homeschooling"

What do you think? Are these people's arguments against homeschooling really worth taking the time to offer a rebuttal?