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Health Quest
Familiarize your child with basic food groups, fitness and exercise techniques, hygiene, personal and ecological stewardship, mental and emotional health, and more. Grades 4-7.
Monarch Health Quest
SOS Health Quest
LIFEPAC Health Quest

High School Health
Give your teen the tools to grow up healthy with lessons in spiritual, social, and emotional health, tobacco and drug use, first aid, nutrition, and responsible Christian living. Grades 8-12.
Monarch High School Health
SOS High School Health
LIFEPAC High School Health

Horizons Health
Build a healthy foundation for your homeschooler with this sequential curriculum, which covers healthy eating, first aid, human anatomy, diseases, spiritual living, and more. Grades K-8.
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Horizons Physical Education
Pack activity into your child’s homeschool day, and follow four teacher’s guides to teach essential fitness skills, healthy habits, motor skills, sports, and teamwork. Grades PreK-12.
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Fit Family Fun Circuit
Develop a family routine that strengthens body and spirit and invites everyone to march, kick, jump, dance, balance, and stretch together in two circuit routines and a relaxing cool-down.
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