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  • 6 Resources for Teaching Homeschoolers about Civil Rights


    Posted on Thursday, Mar 5th

    In remembrance of the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday on March 7, check out 6 educational civil rights resources to see if they’re a good fit for teaching your homeschooler about our country’s history.Read More Read More...

  • U.S. May Be Land of Refuge for Homeschoolers


    Posted on Tuesday, Mar 3rd

    Standing 305 feet tall in the middle of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty has stretched forth her torch for over 125 years as an icon of freedom, welcoming immigrants to the United States. This week, the U.S. House has an opportunity to put the values Lady Liberty represents into practice when they vote on an asylum bill for homeschoolers in other nations.Read More Read More...

  • Celebrate Dr. Seuss on Read Across America Day


    Posted on Monday, Mar 2nd

    Each year on Seuss’ birthday, educators across the country celebrate Read Across America Day. To participate in the celebration, take suggestions from our list to celebrate reading and rhyming in your homeschool.Read More Read More...

  • Homeschooling Quickly Growing in Popularity for Black Families


    Posted on Thursday, Feb 26th

    While white families still primarily homeschool for religious reasons, black families cite a variety of other reasons for educating at home. Learn why African-Americans have become one of the fastest-growing demographics in homeschooling.Read More Read More...

  • Quick and Easy Homemade Play Dough


    Posted on Tuesday, Feb 24th

    Have fun molding cute kittens or your own crazy creatures with homemade play dough that’s easy to make and ready to use in a matter of minutes.Read More Read More...

  • Homeschool Students Maintain Strong Christian Faith


    Posted on Monday, Feb 23rd

    Recent survey results indicate that nearly 90% of churched homeschool students remain strong in the faith, a rate that far surpasses their churched counterparts who attended public or private school.Read More Read More...

  • 5 Life Skills Parents Inadvertently Teach Their Homeschoolers


    Posted on Friday, Feb 20th

    Check out this list of five traits your children are likely learning simply by observing you throughout the homeschool day. By practicing them with care and concern, you’ll equip your kids with some incredible life skills by the time they graduate.Read More Read More...

  • Tech Tip: Update Your Computer in 3 Easy Steps


    Posted on Tuesday, Feb 17th

    Updating your computer on a regular basis not only guarantees that you have the latest features, but also ensures that you have protection against the latest security threats. Follow the steps in this week’s Tech Tip to update your device.Read More Read More...

  • The Newest Homeschoolers


    Posted on Monday, Feb 16th

    As the popularity of homeschooling in the United States continues to grow and cross the street into mainstream acceptance, be sure to look both ways to the coasts to see where numbers are on the rise.Read More Read More...

  • Test Your Homeschooler’s Presidential Knowledge


    Posted on Thursday, Feb 12th

    This Presidents’ Day, test your knowledge of the leaders of our land with this fun, 10-question quiz! From previous professions to the most common presidential birthplace, there’s a topic to challenge every history buff.Read More Read More...