LIFEPAC is scheduled for a facelift. Newly redesigned courses for grades 7, 8, and 9 will be released soon for the five main subjects with a contemporary look and all-new math content for grades 7 and 8.

The changes include a refreshed design and updated images for LIFEPAC’s interior, new covers and boxes, and updated theme colors for the five main subjects: red for math, purple for Bible, green for history and geography, blue for science, and yellow for language arts.

LIFEPAC Redesign 2


Adopted from Monarch and Switched-On-Schoolhouse, the new math content for grades 7 and 8 is designed to further strengthen the academic quality of the courses.

Original developed in 1977, LIFEPAC is a tried-and-true mix of tradition and experience that challenges homeschool students to master skills before moving to new content. Over the past 35 years, thousands of families have successfully homeschooled their children with LIFEPAC’s self-directed worktexts, integrated lesson plans, Bible-based foundation, and teacher-friendly layout.

In 2013, LIFEPAC earned best homeschool curriculum awards in the categories of complete curriculum, language arts, math, history, and science in’s selection of their top 50 choices.

LIFEPAC Redesign