Take a look at the future of homeschooling and trends that are taking hold in this top 10 list.

1. Colleges and universities are becoming more homeschool-friendly. Most institutions have improved their admissions policy to include homeschoolers and loosened requirements for accredited transcripts.

2. Several states have passed new laws requiring methods of validating homeschoolers’ learning. Stay up to date on homeschool laws in your state.

3. More families are using online resources and education opportunities. Access has increased, too.

4. Some families are beginning to use homeschool consultants to help them set up their child’s curriculum.

5. More parents of special needs children are homeschooling, especially those of autistic children.

6. As homeschooling becomes more mainstream, it is also moving toward becoming part of a learning economy, in which it works cooperatively with public and private schools and shares resources, rather than competing.

7. Unschooling is growing in popularity as many homeschool families find a balance between formal curriculum and real-life experiences.

8. Families are choosing homeschooling over expensive private schools due to harder economic times.

9. More dads are staying home to educate the children, especially in families that don’t hold to typical gender roles. Fathers are also finding new ways to participate.

10. More and more parents work outside the home and homeschool their children.


Source: onlinecolleges.net