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  • This Is the Time…

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Thursday, Sep 5th

    “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). How do you spend your time during the homeschool day? Are you constantly glancing at the clock, checking your to-do list, and thinking of what you need to add to the lesson plan? Your kids rely on you to give them an education that will carry them throughout college or other ventures after graduation. Yet, they also depend on you to teach them more than just the content in their lesson plan. They count on you to take advantage of the flexibility and memories that homeschooling offers. Christian homeschooling offers many moments of teaching, leading by example, and enjoying the small things in life before your children grow up.Read More Read More...

  • Capitalize on Homeschool High School Opportunities

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Tuesday, Aug 27th

    By the time homeschoolers reach high school, they have a better understanding of what their passions are and as parents, you can invest in their blossoming interests. Observe what makes your child perk up and what he or she is spending extra time doing. High school is an opportune time to explore career options without the pressure of having to make major decisions. Check off some of the career and college opportunities below with your high schooler.Read More Read More...

  • 10 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Tuesday, Aug 20th

    For as long as I can remember, the first day of school, from elementary to college, has always been full of excitement and adventure. My mother always made sure I had shiny new notebooks, sharpened pencils, and my favorite blue pens. She made the first day of homeschool even better by filling it with mouth-watering treats and surprises. As a homeschool parent, making the first day of school special is important for building anticipation for the upcoming year. Below are 10 ideas that you can put into action to kick off a new homeschool year with a fun celebration.Read More Read More...

  • Truths About Christian Homeschooling

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Tuesday, Aug 13th

    Whether this is your first or tenth year of homeschooling, you hear both the lies and truths about Christian homeschooling that are verified or contradicted as you experience your own unique homeschool adventures.Read More Read More...

  • The Benefits of Online Homeschooling

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Friday, Aug 9th

    What pops in your head when you think of the top benefit of online homeschooling? If you are like many online homeschoolers, there are too many advantages to pick just one. Alpha Omega Publications’ Monarch online homeschool curriculum emphasizes freedom, simplicity, and easy access for both the learner and the parent.Read More Read More...

  • Frugal Summer Crafts

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Tuesday, Jul 30th

    Summer is all about getting your craft on! Get ready to whip out your scissors, turn on the music, and have fun with these craft ideas!Read More Read More...

  • The Benefits of Earning College Credit in High School

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Wednesday, Jul 24th

    Image this: Your child graduates from college a year early and saves a couple thousand dollars, if not more, because he or she earned college credit in high school. Sound good? Taking higher education courses before the college years begin is becoming more common. It is also an easy way for homeschoolers to maximize their flexible schedules.Read More Read More...

  • Complete the Homeschool To-Do List This Summer

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Monday, Jul 15th

    Instead of focusing on reaching certain goals or completing a lesson plan, use the summer months to tackle the long list of items on your homeschool to-do list. Set aside a certain amount of time each week specifically for homeschool related tasks, so when the school year rolls back around you will be prepared.Read More Read More...

  • Hang Up Your Super Cape

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Thursday, Jul 11th

    Sometimes we like to think of ourselves as Superparents. You may even have a special cape just for spilled milk, bickering kids, or homeschool frustration. You swoop in and manage each day with finesse as you juggle homeschooling, church, home life, bills, and even manage to squeeze in some social time with friends. Yet, sometimes homeschool parents forget to hang up the Super Cape and relax.Read More Read More...

  • Summer Homeschool: To Break or Not to Break?

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Tuesday, Jul 2nd

    It’s the decision that every homeschool family faces as the days get longer and warmer: Should we take a break from homeschool in the summer or not? Summer homeschooling can offer fun learning opportunities or it can be drudgery for the whole family. The decision to homeschool during the summer should be based on the needs of your children and you, as a teacher.Read More Read More...

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