Monarch Updates

  • Monarch Adds Teacher Notification for New Courses

    Carl Van Stryland

    Posted on Friday, Jul 26th

    In response to feedback from customers like you, Alpha Omega Publications has added a notification of recent course purchases to the teacher’s dashboard, allowing teachers to quickly locate and assign new courses. The new dashboard notification allows teachers to follow one link to access and assign those courses, saving time and eliminating confusion for new users.Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Improves Text-to-Speech

    Carl Van Stryland

    Posted on Friday, Jun 21st

    In response to feedback from customers like you, Alpha Omega Publications has refined Monarch’s text-to-speech function. The player is now a smaller, fixed dialogue. Students can scroll through the original lesson while text-to-speech is playing. Pauses for certain passages of text have also been added to allow for better comprehension.Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Enhances Essay Writing Feature

    Megan Wendt

    Posted on Friday, May 3rd

    In response to feedback from customers like you, Alpha Omega Publications has improved Monarch's essay feature. Students can now conveniently do the following with essays, projects, and paragraph questions in Monarch:Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Updates History Courses with Election Results

    Posted on Thursday, Nov 29th

    Less than a month after the 2012 presidential election, Alpha Omega Publications has updated the course content in Monarch for 8th Grade History and Geography (Unit 9 - Lesson: The United States in the 21st Century) and American History (Unit 9 - Les...Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Makes Reporting Features More Teacher-Friendly

    Posted on Friday, Nov 16th

    Alpha Omega Publications has made several improvements to Monarch's reporting features, so teachers can now enjoy more convenience and flexibility when viewing, printing, and submitting student work.With one click, parents ...Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Adds 10 Educational Games and Activities!

    Posted on Wednesday, May 23rd

    Alpha Omega Publications has added seven new games and activities to the student dashboard and three new spelling and vocabulary review games within the Monarch online curriculum. Increasing your chi...Read More Read More...

  • School Year Terms Now Displayed in Monarch

    Posted on Thursday, Nov 3rd

    Alpha Omega Publications continues to add exciting, homeschool-friendly features to its new online homeschool curriculum, Read More...

  • New Monarch Dashboard Design

    Posted on Friday, Sep 16th

    Alpha Omega Publications continues to add exciting, user-friendly features to Monarch, its online homeschool curriculum! The latest updates include two new dashboard elements for students and teachers that make daily homeschooling tasks ea...Read More Read More...

  • Monarch Server Maintenance Scheduled for June 18

    Posted on Friday, Jun 17th

    Due to the rapid increase of Monarch users, Alpha Omega Publications will perform maintenance on the Monarch server from 6 p.m. to midnight (PT) on Saturday, June 18.During this scheduled maintenance time, parents and students will not be...Read More Read More...

  • Software Fixes Boost Monarch's Performance

    Posted on Monday, Feb 7th

    In addition to developing new features and functionality for a more user-friendly experience, Alpha Omega Publications® regularly hunts down and fixes any Monarch™ software glitches. The latest updates include six Monarch features that have...Read More Read More...

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