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  • Should You Teach Your Elementary Student about College?


    Posted on Monday, Feb 9th

    From coloring pictures of college mascots to cut-and-paste activities and even guided campus tours of children as young as four, schools and teachers are trying to help students understand their higher education options. But is it too early for them to think about college?Read More Read More...

  • 10 Engaging Android Apps for Homeschool Students


    Posted on Thursday, Feb 5th

    Enhance your homeschooler’s education with ten engaging and interactive learning apps for Android devices. But watch out! You may never get your gadget back!Read More Read More...

  • Homeschool News Roundup: January 2015


    Posted on Thursday, Feb 5th

    From a homeschool rights case in Sweden to a famous homeschool snowboarder hitting the slopes in Colorado, get a recap of the biggest homeschool news from January 2015.Read More Read More...

  • Family-Friendly Television on a Homeschool Budget


    Posted on Tuesday, Feb 3rd

    The growing trend of cutting cable subscriptions and streaming a mix of the TV shows your family enjoys may be the answer to more affordable television, but there’s plenty to consider as you make the switch. Get tips and tools from AOP to help your homeschool family access educational and age-appropriate television shows at a price that fits your budget.Read More Read More...

  • Arkansas Homeschool Children in State Custody


    Posted on Monday, Feb 2nd

    Seven children in Arkansas have been in state custody after they were removed from their homeschool family on January 12. A custody trial is has been postponed to 23. Until then, the homeschool parents are doing their best to remain patient and optimistic.Read More Read More...

  • Super Easy & Delicious Game Day Snacks


    Posted on Thursday, Jan 29th

    Whether you’re a football aficionado hosting friends for the big game or you’re just in it for the commercials, impress your friends and family on Sunday with these seven simple game day appetizers.Read More Read More...

  • 5 Super Bowl Facts for the Non-Football Fan


    Posted on Wednesday, Jan 28th

    You may have heard: there’s a big game coming up on February 1, and whether you label yourself as a football fan or an ad watcher, odds are good you’ll be tuning in this weekend. In fact, last year’s event was the most-watched American television program in history with an average audience of 111.5 million viewers. To get you prepared, here are five random facts you should know before kickoff:Read More Read More...

  • Tech Tip: Access Monarch Unit Overviews in 3 Quick Clicks


    Posted on Tuesday, Jan 27th

    Discover how to access unit overviews in 3 quick clicks in for a quick, easy update on your students’ progress in Monarch online curriculum.Read More Read More...

  • The Blubber Glove Experiment


    Posted on Friday, Jan 23rd

    During the cold winter months, it’s easy for those of us blessed with warm clothing and homes to take such things for granted. Have you ever taken time in your homeschool studies to consider how creatures that live in colder climates survive in their surroundings?Read More Read More...

  • Sage Kotsenburg Aims for First X Games Gold


    Posted on Thursday, Jan 22nd

    Olympic gold medalist and Alpha Omega Academy graduate Sage Kotsenburg returns to competition this week during the Winter X Games, which runs from January 22-25 in Aspen, Colorado.Read More Read More...