Ever wish you could enjoy the blessings of homeschooling without all the work? Discover what the Duggar family already knows. With Switched-On Schoolhouse® from Alpha Omega Publications®, you can save time and energy without sacrificing the quality of your child's education.

Used by the family from the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting, SOS helps the Duggars feel more organized in their teaching, and a built-in calendar simplifies their homeschooling routine by allowing them to create year-long schedules with a click of the mouse. Plus, each SOS subject teaches up to five children in grades 3-12 with an effective, Bible-based curriculum that includes interactive, multimedia-rich content like educational games, clickable video clips, and colorful animations.

If the Duggars use SOS to homeschool 19 children, then you can count on SOS, too! Best of all, when you order any Switched-On Schoolhouse 5-subject set, you'll get free shipping. So, why wait? To order your award-winning SOS curriculum today, call 800-622-3070 or shop online!