Teaching your child a new language doesn't need to feel foreign! Complete with mastery-based lessons and helpful teaching tools, the Spanish and French electives from Alpha Omega Publications® provide everything you need to have your child speaking, reading, and writing another language in no time at all. To order these exciting curriculum materials, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today.

Switched-On Schoolhouse® Elementary and Secondary French

Instruct your child in French with action-packed, French-speaking adventures in these interactive computer electives for grades 3-12. Using engaging learning formats, each lesson is filled with stimulating multimedia that keep concepts fresh and appealing. Vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and reading comprehension are emphasized to give your child a solid foundation in French.

Switched-On Schoolhouse French I and II
Say "bonjour" to world language studies in French with these new computer-based, one-year electives for grades 9-12. Building grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation proficiency, these interactive lessons contain engaging multimedia that teach a rich understanding of the French language and culture through video clips, animations, audio learning games, and more.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Elementary and Secondary Spanish
Give your child a love for Spanish with these adventure-themed lessons for grades 3-12. Each adventure includes dialogue from native speakers and interactive exercises with songs, games, and puzzles to reinforce new vocabulary words, phrases, grammar mechanics, and more.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Spanish I and II
Help your child master Spanish easily with these newly revised, multimedia-rich courses for grades 9-12. Starting with simple introductions and greetings, these courses build confidence with lessons on reading and writing the Spanish alphabet before moving on to more in-depth concepts, including a traditional study of grammar and complex sentence structures.

LIFEPAC® Spanish I and II
Build your child's Spanish vocabulary and grammar skills with this student-directed, mastery-based curriculum for grades 9-12. These year-long, print-based courses provide a traditional study of vocabulary and grammar mechanics. Plus, accompanying practice CDs are sure to quickly move your child from ¡hola! and ¿Cómo estás? to more complex conversations.