Whether photography is your passion, your hobby, or just an occasional pastime, we invite you to participate in Alpha Omega Publications' Best Homeschool Photo Hunt! Send us your photo showcasing your family using the award-winning homeschool products from Alpha Omega Publications®, and you may be smiling in an upcoming eNewsletter or maybe even in our catalog!

Submitting your photo is easy. Simply select a homeschool photo and tell us the story behind the photo or a description of the homeschool activity in the picture. Published photos will include captions written by us based on your information. Tell us what's happening in the picture, but also include the "big picture" of how AOP fits into your overall homeschool experience.


Photo Requirements
1. Photo must be high resolution.

2. JPG is preferred.

3. The file size of the photo must be less than 1.5 MB.

We look forward to receiving your photo and hearing your homeschooling story!