Wondering how to fill your child's summer with fun and homeschool-friendly resources that are educational, enjoyable, and easy on the pocketbook? With its laid-back pace and long stretches of sunshine, summer is a great time to advance your child's reading level and appreciation for books with helpful reading resources from Alpha Omega Publications®.

For children just beginning to sound out words, the three-volume Early Readers Series uses Bible stories to emphasize phonetics. As part of the LIFEPAC 1st Grade Language Arts curriculum, Reading Basics is a set of five readers with 12 stories in each volume that are sure to delight your budding bookworm. Meanwhile, older readers can improve their spelling and comprehension skills with the ARC Reading Enhancement Program, a series of 45-minute lessons that typically produce a three-month gain or more for each month invested.

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Early Readers Series
Reading Basics
ARC Reading Enhancement Program