Are the responsibilities of homeschooling beginning to make you feel drained, tired, and unable to cope? Have you struggled to stay motivated with a God-fearing attitude toward each day's tasks? Now, you can be recharged and find the encouragement you need to keep homeschooling with the Daily Focus® devotional book from Alpha Omega Publications®.

Start your morning or end the day with short, uplifting devotionals that will touch the deepest needs of your soul. Perfect for yourself or a homeschooling friend, the Daily Focus gives new hope and encouragement for each day of the year with real-life homeschooling experiences that relate to God's Word. You'll laugh and you'll cry, but mostly you'll be empowered to grow in your walk with the Lord, as you enjoy the wonderful blessings of homeschooling. To learn more about this must-have, Christian devotional for homeschoolers, click here!