I thought my daughter was going to pull out her hair when she said, "Mom, I just don't get this!" We were studying the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to in math, and she simply couldn't remember which sign to use when there was a lesser value. I explained, "A simple way to remember is that the sign should point to the smaller value." My daughter smiled as she began to understand and exclaimed, "Mom, you're so smart!"

Unfortunately, the concepts of greater than and less than do not work in the spiritual matters of our lives. Many times we try to make our sins appear less by comparing them to the sins of others. If we haven't murdered, stolen, or used drugs to harm our bodies, we may think we're not too bad. However, comparing our sins to others doesn't make them less or greater. James 2:10 tells us, "For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all." No matter if you've told a little white lie or you've just robbed a bank, in God's eyes your sin is sin. We may try to point our finger at someone else to think we are better, but like the old story goes, pointing at the sins of others always leaves three fingers pointing back at you!

Do you try to justify your "little" sins by saying they're less than someone else's sin? According to the world, you might have the right answer, but not according to God. Christ died an agonizing death on the cross for you because His love was greater than any of your sins, big or small. Stop comparing and start confessing your sins to Him today.

Jesus, forgive me for thinking there is such a thing as "little" sin. I know each of my sins nailed You to the cross, and I bow before You today in repentance. Please, cleanse my heart and fill me with the Holy Spirit. In Your name, Amen.