Start your homeschooling year right with Switched-On Schoolhouse® 2009 Edition from Alpha Omega Publications®! Featuring enriching multimedia, fun-filled games, and time-saving teaching tools, the computer-based SOS offers five core subjects and 30 electives with solid academic content for grades 3-12.

Learn from the Duggars
Ask the Duggar family about SOS's proven results. With 18 children, this well-known Christian family has discovered the winning combination of homeschooling and SOS! Automatic grading eliminates their need to check schoolwork late at night, and built-in lesson plans allow them to feel more organized and in control throughout the day.

SOS Awards
Leading the competition, SOS's superior educational content has won these prestigious homeschool awards:

    Cathy Duffy's 100 Top Curriculum Picks
    • Homeschooling Parent Stamp of Approval
    • The Old Schoolhouse Excellence in Education
    • 14 Interactive Learning Awards
    • 1st Place Software Reader Award
What others are saying:
"My daughter just started using SOS, and we both love it. It is so easy to use and does so much of the work I used to do like scheduling, organizing lessons, and grading. We plan to use SOS all the way through high school."
- Lisa V., Texas

"What an amazing program! After trying several curriculums, I decided to try Switched-On Schoolhouse. Well, I'm sold. My daughter loves it so much that she begs to do it seven days a week! The lessons are thorough, interesting, and enjoyable. We couldn't have asked for more!"
- Kristy B., South Carolina

See Switched-On Schoolhouse in action!
Like the Duggars, discover just how easy it is to homeschool with SOS! Take a tour with our SOS On-Demand Presentations. Pick a grade, select a subject, and click the "view" link to watch each demonstration.

Ready to head back to school with SOS?
To purchase any 5-subject set, individual subject, or SOS elective, simply call 800-622-3070 or enjoy the convenience of secure online shopping.