Concerned that your child might struggle as he faces challenging subjects this homeschooling year? Not sure you'll know how to explain each concept clearly? With flexible tutoring options available from Alpha Omega Publications (AOP), you'll never have to feel frustrated or anxious as a homeschool parent again. Whether you need assistance teaching your first grader phonics or help explaining trigonometry to your high schooler, AOP tutoring ensures a happy, successful outcome to every lesson.

So, how does AOP tutoring benefit you and your child? Just take a look:

 - Step-by-step lesson explanations
for SOS, LIFEPAC, or Horizons curriculum.
 - Flexible tutoring options that include one, three, or eight session packages.
 - Convenient sessions available any time by appointment, M-F, 8-4:30 p.m. (CT).
 - Tutoring sessions for any subject at any grade level.
 - Dedicated academic advisors who ensure academic success with personalized attention

Keep your child's homeschool education on track this school year. Get the extra help you need and take advantage of AOP's tutoring service. To learn more about this amazing, one-of-a-kind educational service, click here.