The wait is over! With great excitement, Alpha Omega Publications is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new math course for homeschooling families, Horizons Pre-Algebra!

Available in mid-February of 2011, Horizons Pre-Algebra is the highly anticipated, colorful continuation of the award-winning K-6 math series. Recommended for 7th or 8th grade students, this fun-filled course is packed with diverse, colorful lessons that prepare your child for upper-level math courses with a review of vital basic math concepts and a robust introduction to algebra, trigonometry, and geometry.

What's Inside?

Comprised of three perfect-bound components, the packaged set includes a colorful student workbook, a user-friendly teacher's guide, and handy tests and resources book.

Student Book

Similar in layout to Horizons' popular K-6 math courses, the consumable, full-color Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book includes 160 daily lessons. Designed for completion in 45-60 minutes, each engaging lesson displays an illustrated teaching box that details the new concept being taught, along with a new class work section which reinforces the information with guided practice. Also part of each lesson's assignment is an activities section that contains problems for reviewing both the current lesson topic and previously taught concepts.

What will your child learn? Horizons Pre-Algebra readies your child for more advanced mathematics by teaching several new areas of math concepts, including the following:

• Absolute Value
• Volume and Surface Area of Solids
• Transformations and Nets
• Compound Interest
• Representations of Data
• Permutations, Combinations, and Odds and Evens
• Two Variable Equations
• Four Operations with Monomials and Polynomials
• Trigonometric Ratios

Another new feature of the 360-page student book is a set of college test prep questions. Following each block of ten lessons, these challenging problems are designed to help students prepare for standardized math testing. Also included in the Horizons Pre-Algebra Student Book is a new collection of interviews with ordinary people who use math in their daily vocations. Setting the stage for each group of lessons, these thought-provoking, math-minute interviews bring math concepts to life by adding a human interest touch to word problems.

Teacher's Guide

The 400-page Horizons Pre-Algebra Teacher's Guide makes homeschooling easier with a variety of helpful resources, including daily lesson plans with clearly-defined objectives, practical teaching tips, and suggested materials lists; a math readiness test for evaluation; an in-depth scope and sequence; appearance of concepts charts; and solution keys that making grading a breeze as they mirror a reduced version of student worksheet pages for daily lessons, bi-weekly tests, and quarterly exams.

Tests and Resources Book

The Horizons Pre-Algebra Tests and Resources Book gives peace of mind that your student is comprehending concepts with easy-to-use, tear-out materials that include 80 review worksheets, 16 tests, and 4 exams. Each test conveniently follows every10 lessons, and each exam comes after every group of 40 lessons.

Along with a detailed guide that indicates when and where to use each worksheet, test, and exam, this Horizons Tests and Resources Book also provides hands-on, cut-out supplements that assist both visual and kinesthetic learners in mastering algebraic concepts. Included are formula strips, full-color net diagrams of 3-D shapes, and color-coded algebra squares printed on cardstock.

Always a best-seller, Horizons is well-known for its captivating content, appealing activities, and solid results. Wondering if your child is ready for AOP's new Horizons Pre-Algebra? Find out now by downloading the Horizon Pre-Algebra Readiness Test today!