"For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God" (Romans 13:1b).

Standing in the rotunda of our state capitol, I knew this homeschooling field trip was going to be a memorable day for my children and me. We could feel the history of past generations all around us as we visited our state senator, a long-time family friend. We had come to see the compelling process of how a bill becomes a law, and we weren't disappointed.

Sitting on the floor of the legislature, our senator taught my children many things that day. He showed them how bills are introduced on the floor, how they are voted upon, and how bills get pigeon-holed because of amendments or filibusters. However, the most important lesson he taught them came when he humbly shared his faith in God and said, "All these honored congressmen and women are just ordinary people put in high places by God."

Jesus chose 12 men to represent Him to the world before He left Earth. These disciples started out as ordinary fishermen, tax collectors, and laborers, but Christ gave them all power and authority to be His witnesses (Mark 3:13-15). Although they didn't work in capitol buildings making laws, they were able to change the world through their faithful testimonies and God's mighty power.

Maybe you're feeling unimportant and insignificant today as a homeschool parent. Are you wondering if what you're doing really makes a difference? Although you may never stand before legislators or kings, God has given you an audience that He values very much — your children. These precious gifts have been given to you to teach, and He wants you to lead them into a personal, godly relationship with Him. Besides, who knows what great and mighty things will be accomplished through their ordinary lives?

Father, thank You for using ordinary people in this world to do great things. Strengthen me to be faithful in the place You have given me to be Your witness — my home. Show me how to teach my children to follow Your leadership, so You can use them mightily. In Jesus' name, Amen.