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  • Parent and Teacher

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 23rd
  • Like most homeschoolers, the first few years were a struggle as I taught my children at home. The initial problems were not from a lack of quality curriculum, lesson planning, or teaching methods. Rather, the problems that tempted me to quit came from poor parenting skills. My children had the upper hand. I was bombarded with laziness, silliness, selfishness, and uncooperative spirits, and unfortunately, there was no super nanny to call to set things right. I needed to enforce the rules, so my children could learn to the best of their abilities. Boundaries needed to be set with a firm, but loving hand of correction. When I finally realized that parenting and teaching were synonymous, our homeschooling changed for the better. Read More...

  • Giant of Despair

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Mar 22nd
  • I had no idea homeschooling would involve the spiritual battles I faced. Daily, I was challenged to maintain a godly attitude under the pressures of teaching and maintaining a home. Foolishly, I thought I could stay ahead of Satan's discouraging attacks with a few Scripture verses and my own strength. After a particularly difficult homeschooling day, I finally reached an emotional, rock-bottom experience. Tired and drained, I decided tomorrow was the day to give up teaching my four children. Going to bed early that night, I had resolved to call the school district in the morning to enroll my children. Read More...

  • Put Off Until Tomorrow

    Posted in Daily Focus on Friday, Mar 21st
  • Prioritizing my workload as a homeschooling parent was difficult because everything seemed urgent. The baby needed to be bathed and fed, the clothes needed to be washed, the meals needed to be kept on schedule, and daily school lessons needed to be completed. Too many days I felt like Peter robbing Paul as I juggled each of these activities. Anything that could be put off until tomorrow usually was, including grading papers, quizzes, and tests. Read More...

  • Corporate Worship

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 19th
  • For several months I had noticed my teenage son's reluctance to go to church. Thinking we would leave him behind, he was always the last one to wake up on Sunday morning and painstakingly took his time getting ready. After he had caused the entire family to be late for church several Sundays in a row, I knew I needed to speak with him about his actions. The next day during our homeschool devotions, we discussed the topic of worship, and my son blurted out, "I don't need to go to church to worship God. I can worship Him at home just as well as at church!" Read More...

  • School Spirit

    Posted in Daily Focus on Monday, Mar 17th
  • We never had a mascot for our homeschool, and my children never knew the excitement of school pep rallies. However, what we lacked in school spirit for team sports was made up by the Holy Spirit in Christian ministry. As we reached out to others, the presence and power of the Lord filled us to accomplish His will. Being used by the Lord and seeing His mighty power displayed was much more exciting than any football, baseball, or basketball game. Read More...

  • Pity Parties

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 16th
  • Self-pity is a common temptation faced by many homeschooling parents. After all, we have such a heavy burden to bear, right? If the daily duties of homeschooling are not enough, we also face ridicule and a lack of appreciation for the hard work of teaching our children. Our martyr syndrome assumes we're the only ones who really care about our children's education. Foolishly we say, "No one else sacrifices or suffers for what they believe like we do." Sadly, we actually believe these lies from Satan and sink into homeschooling despair because of them. Read More...

  • Lessons in the Garden

    Posted in Daily Focus on Friday, Mar 14th
  • Do you realize how many homeschooling lessons can be learned from gardening? From biology to Bible, gardening provided our family more opportunities to learn truths than any other activity. Such was the case the year my son prepared to win the grand champion purple ribbon at the county fair with his homegrown vegetables. Read More...

  • Unfair Labels

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 12th
  • What labels have been placed on your children because they homeschool? During our years of homeschooling, my children faced innuendos that ranged from mental retardation to religious fanatic. Today, the media still portrays homeschoolers as naive, unfashionably dressed nerds. Even though studies prove the contrary, public educators also insist that homeschoolers are deprived of proper socialization. Why does the word "homeschooling" bring out such nastiness in people? Read More...

  • Walking It Out

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 9th
  • Walking saved my life as a homeschooling parent. Each morning before my spouse left for work, I spent one hour rejuvenating with prayer and exercise. As I walked, I listened to inspiring music, and God spoke to my heart with encouragement for the day. Negativity and discouragement from yesterday's problems were pounded out with each footstep, and the fresh air and beauty of God's sunrise were taken in with each stride to uplift my weary spirit. However, whenever I allowed laziness or other distractions to rob this morning routine, my attitude and our homeschooling day suffered greatly. My daily walk with God became my refuge and the most important time of the day. Read More...

  • Totally Discouraged

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Mar 8th
  • Homeschooling can bring out the worst and best in you. As I sat on the kitchen floor crying, I knew that today was one of the worst. I had put the children to bed early, and my husband was working late. I was hoping a good cry would relieve my stress from the week of teaching, responsibilities, and housework. My inabilities to be supermom seemed immensely larger than the homeschooling blessings, and I felt like I was constantly disappointing my husband, my children, my extended family, and myself. Failure waved its ugly banner over me, and I was tempted to cut my losses and give up entirely. God seemed far away, and I felt alone. Read More...

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