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  • Daffodil Days

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 26th
  • Every year the daffodils were the first to push their green leaves through winter's cold earth in our flower bed. My daughter and I both looked forward to their annual spring arrival after homeschooling all winter. Not only were we blessed as the army of bright yellow blossoms began to form, but we also anticipated the joy of sharing their beauty with others. Short on finances, giving away our daffodils was one simple, but welcomed way that our homeschooling family could bring hope and love to family and friends. Our motivation to keep them fertilized and free of weeds came from the promise of future smiles we would see from those who would receive a bountiful bouquet. Read More...

  • Litter Bugs

    Posted in Daily Focus on Tuesday, Mar 25th
  • Every spring after the snow thawed in the ditches near our home, the ugliness of winter's past sins would be revealed. An endless disarray of empty glass liquor bottles and aluminum beer cans lined both sides of our country road for more than a mile. Looking at the mess, my young son shook his head in disgust. "Mom," he said. "Why do they have to throw their garbage in our ditch?" Read More...

  • Parent and Teacher

    Posted in Daily Focus on Sunday, Mar 23rd
  • Like most homeschoolers, the first few years were a struggle as I taught my children at home. The initial problems were not from a lack of quality curriculum, lesson planning, or teaching methods. Rather, the problems that tempted me to quit came from poor parenting skills. My children had the upper hand. I was bombarded with laziness, silliness, selfishness, and uncooperative spirits, and unfortunately, there was no super nanny to call to set things right. I needed to enforce the rules, so my children could learn to the best of their abilities. Boundaries needed to be set with a firm, but loving hand of correction. When I finally realized that parenting and teaching were synonymous, our homeschooling changed for the better. Read More...

  • Put Off Until Tomorrow

    Posted in Daily Focus on Friday, Mar 21st
  • Prioritizing my workload as a homeschooling parent was difficult because everything seemed urgent. The baby needed to be bathed and fed, the clothes needed to be washed, the meals needed to be kept on schedule, and daily school lessons needed to be completed. Too many days I felt like Peter robbing Paul as I juggled each of these activities. Anything that could be put off until tomorrow usually was, including grading papers, quizzes, and tests. Read More...

  • Corporate Worship

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 19th
  • For several months I had noticed my teenage son's reluctance to go to church. Thinking we would leave him behind, he was always the last one to wake up on Sunday morning and painstakingly took his time getting ready. After he had caused the entire family to be late for church several Sundays in a row, I knew I needed to speak with him about his actions. The next day during our homeschool devotions, we discussed the topic of worship, and my son blurted out, "I don't need to go to church to worship God. I can worship Him at home just as well as at church!" Read More...

  • School Spirit

    Posted in Daily Focus on Monday, Mar 17th
  • We never had a mascot for our homeschool, and my children never knew the excitement of school pep rallies. However, what we lacked in school spirit for team sports was made up by the Holy Spirit in Christian ministry. As we reached out to others, the presence and power of the Lord filled us to accomplish His will. Being used by the Lord and seeing His mighty power displayed was much more exciting than any football, baseball, or basketball game. Read More...

  • By Hand

    Posted in Daily Focus on Saturday, Mar 15th
  • When my four children reached long division in their math curriculum, several weeks of resistance and conflict resulted during our homeschooling days. The painstaking process seemed unending and laborious to my high-tech children. "Mom, why do we have to do this by hand?" they cried. "Why can't we just figure this out on the calculator?" Taking the time and effort to show their work on every quiz and test in division was even more agonizing. To them, the quick and easy method of using the calculator's brain instead of their own seemed the best answer to solving math computations. Read More...

  • The Right Answer

    Posted in Daily Focus on Thursday, Mar 13th
  • I learned an important homeschooling secret after many years of teaching — it's more important to ask the right questions than it is to give the right answers. Too many times I piled tons of information on my children that was neither of interest or necessary. My "be prepared" teaching philosophy, which attempted to include every detail on a subject, was burning out my children's love of learning. Clearly, one carefully worded question sparked my children's interest far more than providing all the answers. Read More...

  • Unfair Labels

    Posted in Daily Focus on Wednesday, Mar 12th
  • What labels have been placed on your children because they homeschool? During our years of homeschooling, my children faced innuendos that ranged from mental retardation to religious fanatic. Today, the media still portrays homeschoolers as naive, unfashionably dressed nerds. Even though studies prove the contrary, public educators also insist that homeschoolers are deprived of proper socialization. Why does the word "homeschooling" bring out such nastiness in people? Read More...

  • Shaping the World

    Posted in Daily Focus on Monday, Mar 10th
  • Did you wake up this morning thinking, "Wow, what I do during our homeschooling today could shape the world"? Probably not, but that doesn't negate the fact that every homeschooling decision you make influences your child. Homeschooling parents can easily forget the important, long-term effect of their teaching and the potential it has to shape the world. Like a hybrid seed, God will someday use the academics you teach, the beliefs you instill, and the character you nurture in your child to change the world. Hundreds, if not thousands, of lives will feel the impact of your child's godly actions due to your faithfulness in homeschooling. Yes, what you do today as a homeschooling parent has a far-reaching effect and really does make a difference now and for eternity! Read More...

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