Are the devastating images of Haiti's recent sufferings tugging at your homeschool family's heartstrings? Looking for a Christ-centered mission you can support with your monetary gifts? Then, join Alpha Omega Publications as we support Food for the Hungry in Haiti!

With hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the strongest earthquake to hit the country in 200 years, Haiti is in desperate need of your help. "I have never seen Haitians crying out to God like now," said Food for the Hungry's health program manager in Haiti. "We need you to pray for lives to be changed by the grace of God."

A Christian organization founded in 1971 to help the world's most disadvantaged people, Food for the Hungry actively provides assistance to Haiti's population living in poverty and suffering from HIV/AIDS through its international mission outreach. As a result of the recent destruction and deaths, however, more help is needed immediately to provide relief to thousands of Haitians who are struggling to survive.

How can you and your homeschooling groups make a difference? Food for the Hungry's staff members are asking for your help to mount the emergency relief effort required for this catastrophe. With the power of your generous donation, you can provide rolls of plastic for temporary shelters, community water filters, hygiene kits, blankets, medical supplies, clothing, water, food, and other life-saving assistance.

To make a difference in the lives of Haiti's earthquake victims, AOP urges you to join forces with us today by giving your generous gifts directly on Food for the Hungry's website!