"A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps" (Proverbs 16:9).

I was on my daily walk and trying to organize my thoughts for a long homeschooling day. I stopped to observe the sunrise in the spring sky and noticed a large flock of geese heading north. Captivated by the sight, I laid down on the ground to watch their movements. Watching them fly in their traditional V shape, I observed the lead goose as he dropped back to find a new spot in the formation. The goose that had been directly behind him assumed the lead, and the entire group continued flying. Twice more, I saw the same process take place before the flock was completely out of sight.

Reflecting on what I had just seen, I knew God had spoken to my heart with a new homeschooling philosophy. Since I didn't have the energy or the wisdom, God's divine plans for my children's education included others besides me. Sometimes God moved my husband into the lead position to teach art, physical education, or life skills in mechanics and carpentry. Other times, God provided homeschooling friends to share their expertise in a particular subject during a co-op homeschool group lesson. God even allowed me to drop back and catch my breath with field trips supervised by Grandpa and Grandma and high school tutors for biology and chemistry labs. Although I was ultimately in charge of my children's education, I found great relief in God's occasional provision of a new lead goose.

Have you made the mistake of believing you're in this homeschooling decision all by yourself? Blazing the homeschool trail is difficult, especially when you're teaching more than one child. God knows the rest you need and has already planned for others to come along and help. Just pray and ask God to show you which goose to follow.

Lord, thank You for the joy of homeschooling. Forgive me for thinking I'm the only one capable of teaching my children. Lead me to those people You have prepared to help train them and teach me to relax and enjoy the time of rest. In Jesus' name, Amen.