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Preparing your homeschooler's high school transcripts for college? In this month's "What's on Your Mind," Alpha Omega Publications® discusses how Switched-On Schoolhouse® easily records your child's grades to simplify this task for homeschooling families.

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Q: How do I prepare a high school transcript using AOP's Switched-On Schoolhouse homeschool curriculum?
-Nancy G., Kentucky

A: To create transcripts for any elementary, junior high, or high school grade level, simply follow the procedure below:

1. Click on "Report Card" in the lower right-hand corner of your Switched-On Schoolhouse teacher homepage.

2. On the report card screen, select a term and choose "Report by Term" or "Report by Date Ranges" to display grades by quarters, semesters, or year. Then, choose grade display options (letter, percent, or both), select your student, and click "Print" for a hard copy.

3. You can also choose "Preview" to download and save your child's grades in an electronic file. Click "export report" on the left-hand side of the top tool bar, enter a file name, select "Save As," and choose a location.

4. Complete your finished transcript by combining your child's grades from each school year.