With the unveiling of the new MyPlate food icon in early June by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Alpha Omega Publications has updated four Monarch courses* to lead the way in teaching homeschool students how to eat healthier. Users of AOP's online homeschool curriculum can already see the new MyPlate logo in the courses of Health Quest, High School Health, 3rd Grade Science, and General Science II. Switched-On Schoolhouse users can also look forward to similar content updates in a patch release this fall.

Replacing the traditional food pyramid, MyPlate depicts a familiar table place setting that is divided into four quadrants, showing fruits and vegetables in half the plate's space and grains and proteins on the other half. In addition, next to the plate is a blue circle indicating dairy items like a glass of milk.

(Note: Click on each screenshot to see a larger version.)

Monarch Health Quest - Unit 3

Monarch High School Health - Unit 2

Monarch 3rd Grade Science - Unit 4

Monarch General Science II - Unit 4

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*This update applies to Monarch users who purchased any of these four courses after April 1, 2011.