"Her children arise up, and call her blessed" (Proverbs 31:28a).

Mother's Day was always special for me as a homeschooling mom. Each year, my children went the extra mile and demonstrated their love with thoughtful homemade cards and gifts. One Mother's Day, however, stands above the rest in my memory. That year, a well-known restaurant chain in our town sponsored a Mother's Day poetry contest for all the young writers in the community. The contestants were required to submit a short poem sharing what their mother meant to them. After seeing the contest and prizes listed in the paper, my 12-year-old daughter decided to enter and submit her poem.

Several days later, a special envelope arrived in the mail from the restaurant. Upon opening the letter, my daughter discovered that she had won the grand prize of one dozen red roses for her mother, a monetary gift of $25 for her, and a complimentary meal for our entire family at the restaurant. In addition, her poem was to be published in the local newspaper, and a special copy of the poem was to be printed and framed just for me. Enjoying the prizes was exciting, but even more wonderful was the message that my daughter wrote in the poem. How blessed I was to read these words of love:

For My Mother
by JoAnna Tatman

Before even time began
My mother for me was planned.
She brought me unto the earth
Through the miracle of birth.

As a child in this world anew
She gave me guidance, wise and true.
She picked me up when I fell down
And kissed away my tears and frowns.

When I failed, she loved me anyway.
Her trueness lasts even to this day.
As a child and a mother
We will always have each other.

Even when life takes us apart
We from each other will not depart.
For she is the goodness inside my soul,
A strength on which I will forever grow.

Homeschool mom, do you know how deeply your children love you? Although you may not see their affections demonstrated every day, your children really do appreciate and love you for the sacrifices you make when homeschooling. You are the object of their affections, and if they haven't done so already, someday they too will rise up to call you blessed.

Lord, so many days I feel like my acts of love go unnoticed. Teach me to remember that every kind word and deed is making a difference forever in the life of my child. In the name of Jesus, Amen.