The story of God's people, Israel, in the Old Testament draws a striking parallel to my journey as a homeschooling parent. For years, I had been caught in the bondage of believing that public school was the only way to educate my child. Miraculously, we experienced God leading our family out of this "slavery" and through our "Red Sea" when He provided a path to teach our children through a homeschool satellite program. Chased by the Pharaoh of the school system with threats of truancy, we walked though our difficulty on dry land and watched as the waves crashed over those who worked so diligently to keep us from teaching our children at home.

Like Israel, we sang praises to God for His deliverance and began our journey to the Promised Land of four successfully educated children. We, too, complained about the lack of familiar food and water because finances were short. We tasted the bitter waters of Marah when we attempted to teach our children in our own strength. We slowly learned to look to our cloud by day and pillar of fire by night and felt God's protection from the heat of well-meaning, but critical family members and the cold rejection of an uninformed community.

We would have died from the serpent bites of laziness and anger, but looking to the cross saved us as we saw God's forgiveness for each mistake. We saw parents give up, claiming that homeschooling was too hard, and we watched as their families became swallowed up again by the public school like the rebellion at Korah.

We even doubted God's presence on many occasions and set up a golden calf of making our school look exactly like the public school. However, our Moses was Jesus, and each day He faithfully led us back to where we needed to go. He gave us the Ten Commandments of His Word, and we experienced His loving presence as we obeyed His truths.

Looking back on the journey, I see Jesus' loving hands lifted over our family. I praise Him for the incredible journey we experienced in teaching our children at home. Don't give up on your homeschooling journey. The Promised Land is all that God said it would be!

Father, I pray for the many homeschooling families who are on the adventure of teaching their children at home. Bless them this day and provide the same guidance You gave to us. Show them that You are mighty and able to take care of every homeschooling need. In Jesus' name, Amen.