As our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of free Monarch™ upgrades, Alpha Omega Publications® is pleased to announce the latest features to its online homeschool curriculum.

New Teacher Tools allow Monarch users to perform "Assign," "Unassign," and "Clear Work" functions directly from the "Unit View" of the "Assigned Work" area. Providing quicker access, this handy feature eliminates the need for homeschool parents to make changes by visiting individual assignments within the "Lesson Plan."

Monarch's new Past Due Assignment Indicators in the "Assigned Work" and "Calendar" views of the "Lesson Plan" tab highlight past due lessons in red. Available in both teacher and student modes, these at-a-glance indicators help homeschool families stay on schedule and address problem areas more quickly.

Located at the bottom of the "Quiz/Test" page under "School Setup," "Student Setup," and the "Curriculum Setup," Quiz and Test Setting Descriptions better clarify each setting. Options include immediate or no answer feedback, open page or open book, and the ability to skip problems.

The Improved Regenerate Button gives Monarch parents the ability to regenerate their student's entire lesson plan. Rather than regenerating a single course at a time, parents can enjoy the time-saving convenience of regenerating schedule changes by student.

Should you have any questions or need assistance in using any of Monarch's new features, please visit Monarch technical support online or call 888-891-4958. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT).