"That I may make it manifest, as I ought to speak" (Colossians 4:4).

My youngest son was in trouble, and I didn't know how to help him. Daily, he tried to communicate with his older brother and sisters in a group setting during our homeschooling, but he always seemed to be going in different directions in his conversation. Because he processed information more slowly, his contributions to the discussion seemed disjointed and off topic. Frustrated, he began to withdraw and keep his thoughts to himself.

I knew I had to do something to help him with his communication skills, but I didn't know what. As I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance, He gave me the perfect visual to help my young son. Using a basketball, I simultaneously passed the ball and said, "OK, we are going to practice a speaking skill today that will help you communicate better. As you pass this ball back to me, you have to say something back in response to what I've just said."

"OK, Mom, I think I get it," he said as he passed the ball back. For the next ten minutes, we talked and communicated easily as he learned to pass the conversational ball back and forth. Next, I told him that if he was going to change direction and introduce a new topic, he needed to clearly indicate that before he passed the ball; otherwise, I would drop it. At that point, he understood the difficulty other people were having in following his conversation. After practicing this exercise several times, my son finally gained the understanding and confidence he needed to effectively communicate.

As Christians, we can also drop the ball when telling others about Christ. How many times have you been frustrated in not knowing how to explain salvation to others? Although the Holy Spirit does the leading, you also need to be prepared with memorized Scriptures and a clear presentation of the Gospel. If you're tired of seeing that confused look on people's faces as you attempt to tell them about Christ, ask a pastor for guidance or read a Christian book on witnessing. Acquiring the necessary skills to be an effective witness for the Lord just takes a little practice! "That therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak" (Ephesians 6:20b).

Lord, I know I've failed so many times in sharing who You are with others. Lead me to the help I need to clearly communicate the message of Your love and forgiveness. In Jesus' name, Amen.