AOP Net Alert - August 2011

  • Transform Your Homeschool with Monarch!

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Tuesday, Aug 30th

    Let learning soar with Monarch! Accessible 24/7, Monarch offers five core subjects and over 35 electives that engage your child with movie clips, animations, learning games, audio clips, and web-related links. Whether you're at home, on vacation, or halfway around the world, you can homeschool anywhere with Monarch by simply logging in online. Read More...

  • Discover the Time-saving Secret of the Duggars!

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Thursday, Aug 18th

    With 19 kids, the Duggars don't have a lot of time to assign and grade lessons. That's why this famous homeschooling family uses Switched-On Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega Publications. Discover the difference SOS can make in your homeschool and save 10% now through 8/22/11! Read More...