AOP Net Alert - February 2009

  • Enjoy the Best in Christian Family Entertainment

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Thursday, Feb 19th

    Pop the popcorn, dim the lights, and watch the fun begin with wholesome and uplifting movies from Alpha Omega Publications. Suitable for the entire family, each of AOP's must-see DVDs creates unforgettable movie nights with heartwarming stories and hours of captivating entertainment. Read More...

  • Discover America's Past with AOP's Best-selling History Resources

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Thursday, Feb 12th

    Make America's past come alive in your homeschool history lessons with affordable history resources from Alpha Omega Publications! Teaching your child about our nation's rich roots founded on faith in God, the American Kids in History Series, the American Adventures Series, The U.S. Government, and Faith of Our Fathers are the perfect supplements to any homeschooling curriculum. Read More...