AOP Net Alert - February 2010

  • Discover America's Past with Popular History Resources!

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Thursday, Feb 11th

    Let America's past come to life in your homeschool lessons with best-selling history resources on sale now! The perfect complement to any history curriculum, each engaging book and DVD gives your child a fresh perspective on America's rich roots. Call Alpha Omega Publications today at 800-622-3070 or shop online and give your homeschooler a history experience that won't be forgotten. Read More...

  • Join AOP's Support of Haiti's Earthquake Victims!

    Posted in AOP Net Alert on Thursday, Feb 4th

    Are the devastating images of Haiti's recent sufferings tugging at your homeschool family's heartstrings? Looking for a Christ-centered mission you can support with your monetary gifts? Then, join Alpha Omega Publications as ... Read More...