Homeschool View - June 2008

  • Using Your Public Library Internet - Is it Safe?

    Posted in Homeschool View on Sunday, Jun 1st

    As homeschooling parents, most of us supplement our children's homeschool curriculum by making wise use of the free resources at the local public library, including the Internet. However, did you know there may be a serious danger lurking in the ... Read More...

  • The Duggar Family on Homeschool Organization

    Posted in Homeschool View on Sunday, Jun 1st

    Are you a homeschool parent struggling with getting everything done each day? You're not alone. Most homeschooling families need an organized schedule to help keep it all together. Take for instance, the Duggar family from Tontitown, Arkansas. With 19 children, this Christian homeschool dad and mom have plenty of wisdom and practical experience that might give you ideas to improve your homeschooling routine. Although she's the first to say she's still learning herself, Michelle Duggar openly shares invaluable insights she's learned along the way in an exclusive interview with Alpha Omega Publications. Read More...

  • Summer Backyard Games

    Posted in Homeschool View on Sunday, Jun 1st

    Summer's here! Wondering what you're going to do with your young child's never-ending supply of energy? Why not take advantage of unscheduled homeschool days and the extra room outdoors to develop your child's physical fitness with gymnastics? Read More...