Homeschool View - May 2007

  • Homegrown Gardening Tips

    Posted in Homeschool View on Tuesday, May 1st

    Almost every child is a natural born gardener. From the time they're little, God seems to have created children with the ingredients necessary to garden. What child doesn't love to dig in the dirt, play with water, and explore? Therefore, teaching your child how to garden will be as easy as child's play. Even preschool age children can learn important lessons from this outside "classroom." But how do you make your child's garden experience a successful one? No matter how green your thumb may be, you can help your child discover the joy of gardening with the following tips: Read More...

  • Tips for Summer Reading

    Posted in Homeschool View on Tuesday, May 1st

    What activities are you planning for your homeschooler this summer? For most families, summer means time off from "official" homeschooling and enjoying more carefree days. Unfortunately, summer is also the time when a child forgets many of ... Read More...