Homespun Blog - May 2013

  • Ditch Your Backpack

    Posted in Homespun Blog on Thursday, May 30th

    One of the many perks of homeschooling is that you do not have to watch your child trudge out the door each day, bowed down with the weight of a backpack full of textbooks, notebooks, and pencil cases. Yet, the weight and burden of backpacks are still present during the homeschool day, just not on the kids’ backs. Homeschooling parents can subconsciously carry their own backpacks—backpacks of self-doubt, fear of teaching, and insecurity. Backpacks that can hold parents back from reaching their true potential in homeschooling and teaching their children from a Christian viewpoint. Read More...

  • How to Homeschool Multiple Children

    Posted in Homespun Blog on Wednesday, May 22nd

    Homeschooling one child can require a vast amount of energy, but teaching multiple children at home can require parents to stretch their patience and creativity to get children focused on the designated assignments for the day. Homeschooling siblings can be successful if a few tips and tricks are applied. Read More...

  • Create Visual, Interactive Homeschool Projects Using 4 Online Tools

    Posted in Homespun Blog on Thursday, May 16th

    For students who are used to surfing the web and using technology for everyday and academic tasks, glue-stick projects may not stimulate their creative learning ability. Several online tools can bring homeschool projects to life by creating visually appealing and interactive word collages, videos, stories, and posters. Read More...