Homeschool View - November 2008

  • Forgotten Blessings

    Posted in Homeschool View on Thursday, Nov 6th

    "Gratitude is the memory of the heart." – Jean Baptiste MassieuWhat do you have to be thankful for as a homeschooling parent? Have you stopped to think about it recently? Amazingly, you’ve done nothing special to ... Read More...

  • Make Thanksgiving More Affordable and Fun

    Posted in Homeschool View on Thursday, Nov 6th

    Wondering how you can make Thanksgiving Day more affordable and fun? Although funds may be short, there are still creative ways for your homeschooling family to inexpensively enjoy this blessed holiday. For those homeschooling families who are struggling to make ends meet, here's a complete breakdown on a Thanksgiving holiday celebration that will make your family "give thanks." Read More...