Did you know that one of George Washington's favorite foods was ice cream? Did you know Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president at 6 feet, 4 inches? In celebration of President's Day on Monday, February 16, make your LIFEPAC® and Switched-On Schoolhouse® history curriculum lessons even more exciting.

Print out the matching quiz below and see how many of these fun facts your homeschooler can match to the correct U.S. president. (Note: To print, you may want to highlight the quiz, click "print preview," and choose the option "as selected on screen."

(See answers elsewhere in this edition of the Homeschool View™).

____1. Dwight D. Eisenhower                        A. Held the first White House fireworks display

____2. James Monroe                                     B. First left-handed president

____3. James Buchanan                                 C. Named his airplane "The Sacred Cow"

____4. James A. Garfield                                D. First president to receive a Purple Heart

____5. Herbert C. Hoover                                E. Spoke Chinese to his wife in the White House to

                                                                             prevent eavesdropping

____6. Ulysses S. Grant                                 F. First president to be photographed

____7. Franklin D. Roosevelt                           G. Only president who never married

____8. John Quincy Adams                             H. Helped establish the first U.S. national

                                                                            park — Yellowstone National Park

____9. William McKinley                                   I. First president to use a helicopter from the White House lawn

____10. Benjamin Harrison                              J. Had the first telephone installed in the White House, and

                                                                            Alexander Graham Bell gave him instructions on how to use it

____11. Woodrow Wilson                               K. First president to appear on a postage stamp

____12. John Adams                                       L. Brought his horse, Old Whitey, to the White House and let him

                                                                             eat grass on the White House lawn

____13. Zachary Taylor                                   M. Picture is on the $500 dollar bill

____14. George Washington                           N. Wife was a great granddaughter of Pocahontas

____15. Rutherford B. Hayes                          O. Had the White House wired with electricity, but he was afraid

                                                                            of getting shocked when he touched the switches