As homeschooling parents, don't we all appreciate inspiring words of encouragement? This holiday season, re-energize the homeschool friends on your Christmas gift list with the Daily Focus devotional book from Alpha Omega Publications®.

Unlike other devotionals, the Daily Focus is filled with 365 real-life homeschooling stories that relate to God's Word. As your friends read each uplifting devotional, they'll discover added strength and hope to continue homeschooling. In addition, each devotional features an Internet link that allows homeschoolers to share their thoughts and feelings. After reading each day's inspirational thought and viewing comments from other homeschool parents online, your friends will thank you time and again for the heartfelt and encouraging words that rekindle the joys of homeschooling. Best of all, your homeschooling friends' spiritual lives will be refreshed as their faith in God's promises grows deeper!

The Daily Focus is sure to be the Christmas present your homeschool friends remember most. To order, simply call 800-622-3070 or shop online today for this must-have devotional book.