Disappointed with your current homeschool curriculum? Searching for time-tested, Bible-based resources that really fit your needs? Now, you can give your child the solid, Christ-centered education you desire with LIFEPAC®, the homeschool curriculum choice of thousands.

Because Alpha Omega Publications® understands the needs of today's homeschooling family, we've designed affordable, easy-to-use worktexts that provide independent learners with flexible, individualized instruction in five core subjects. LIFEPAC's unsurpassed learning system promotes critical thinking skills with self-paced, mastery-based lessons and includes ten individual, consumable units within each subject to make homeschooling less intimidating. Unlike other homeschool curriculum, LIFEPAC provides your child with a heightened sense of accomplishment and learning enjoyment, as he completes each unit and receives a new worktext every three to four weeks. You also will love how LIFEPAC's clearly defined goals and self-tests make evaluating your child's progress easy. In addition, LIFEPACs are lightweight and portable, so your child easily can carry all five worktexts in his backpack to homeschool anytime, anywhere!

Undoubtedly, LIFEPACs are the answer to your curriculum needs! To learn more about the fantastic benefits of this award-winning curriculum for yourself, click here!