Are you finding your homeschooler frustrated with learning math or bored answering math questions on worksheets? Let Alpha Omega Publications help you make math more fun with these stimulating, hands-on math resources:

The Math Chef
Make your child's math lessons fun, practical, and delicious with this exciting, supplemental math resource for grades 3-6. Over 60 math activities with accompanying kid-friendly recipes reinforce arithmetic skills in English and metric measurements, fractions, percents, and more! Whether a beginner or an experienced cook, your child will love learning math with easy-to-make recipes that will make him say, "Math never tasted so good!"  

Illustrated Dictionary of Math
Teach your child the language of math with this exceptional resource that explains concepts in easy-to-follow examples and colorful, eye-catching diagrams. With over 500 definitions of key math terms and their uses in one convenient 130-page, soft-bound book, you can easily explain every math lesson. A real lifesaver for teaching numbers, shapes, space, measurements, algebra, and statistics, this easy-to-use math dictionary is a must-have resource for every homeschool.

Checks and Balances
Give your child a head start in learning how to handle money and teach him to budget and manage personal finances successfully with this best-selling activity kit for grades 6 and up. A great supplement to any math curriculum, this practical, hands-on resource develops life-long money planning skills with fun-filled activities that provide experience in ATM transactions, checks, deposit slips, credit card purchases, monthly bank statements, and more!