Did you know that Alpha Omega Publications® offers more than just award-winning homeschool curriculum? We also carry a huge selection of exciting educational DVDs and family entertainment movies. Experience family entertainment at its best with these must-see films for your entire homeschool family:

The Bible Explorer Series - 3 DVD Set
Join Christian investigator Bob Cornuke, a real-life Indiana Jones and veteran of nearly 30 expeditions, as he relentlessly searches for Old Testament Bible artifacts and locations. Discover compelling archaeological evidence that supports the biblical history of Noah's ark, the Ark of the Covenant, and the holy mountain of Mt. Sinai!

Faith of Our Fathers
Should religion be allowed to influence government, or should the two remain entirely separate? Enrich your homeschool studies in government, as you explore the history of this controversial question with this thought-provoking DVD. Eye-opening footage, photographs, and interviews with scholars provide details to help your family separate fact from fiction in the ongoing debate of church and state.

Second Chances
When a tragic accident claims her father's life and the use of her legs, ten-year-old Sunny Mathews withdraws from life. However, when she and her mother move next door to a horse farm operated by a former rodeo star, things begin to change. Based on a true story, this irresistible DVD will captivate your homeschool family's hearts with valuable lessons about the healing power of friendship.