Want your homeschool science studies to be a time of wonder and discovery? Then, take your lessons from ordinary to extraordinary with these captivating, hands-on science resources that unleash your child's creative thinking and enhance his understanding of God's creation like never before! To order, call 800-622-3070 or click on the links below to shop online.

The Science Chef
Put on your apron, roll up your sleeves, and teach your child science with fun-filled cooking projects. Packed with over 100 educational experiments and kid-tested recipes, this 180-page softbound book provides tasty answers to chemistry and biology mysteries right in your very own kitchen. Whether your child has basic culinary skills or is an experienced cook, he'll love using ordinary ingredients and everyday kitchen utensils to discover exciting cooking reactions!

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution Series
Shake the foundations of evolutionary theory with this award-winning, must-see DVD series for all ages. Evolutionist turned creationist, Dr. Jobe Martin presents powerful, breathtaking footage that proves animal designs can only be attributed to a brilliant Creator. The perfect science curriculum supplement, each of the three 50-minute videos reveals spectacular, thought-provoking details with undisputable evidence in support of scientific creationism.

Here's one hands-on science project that will keep your young biologist eager to learn! Not just an ordinary frog, this clear-bodied tadpole grows arms, legs, and changes into a tough, baby frog that lives entirely in water. Just imagine your child's excitement, as he observes this unique tadpole's external and internal growth through its translucent skin. A fun-filled learning adventure, this kit provides hours of educational discovery for your entire homeschool family!